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Quotes from Palestinian Leaders and Media

Palestinian Political and Religious Leaders

When the Palestinian leadership faces Western media, they tend to focus on Israeli "aggression". When they talk to their own Arabic media, a different story arises. Look through the following quotes and see if you think these are people that want peace. For a very thorough examination of Arabic media, see Anti-Semitism in the Arab World. For more quotes, see the ZOA website.  For quotes by Shimon Peres, go to Shimon Says.

Yasser Arafat - Palestinian 'President'

Eulogy to a Palestinian official, June 15 1995

"The oath is firm to continue this difficult Jihad (holy war), this long Jihad, in the path of martyrs, the path of sacrifices"

al-Ayyam, November 16 1998

"The Palestinian Rifle is ready and we will aim it if they try to prevent us from praying in Jerusalem... the "Generals of the Stones" are ready".

Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Qatar, May 26, 2001

- Palestinians are "irrigating the land with their blood" in the struggle for "Palestine".

- Israel is using "depleted uranium, poison gases, and radioactive material" against the "homes, farms, and factories" of the Palestinians.

- Israel is employing the "most modern weapons of murder, destruction and annihilation."

- Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has "received the architectural designs to build a synagogue in the courtyard of the Haram al-Sharif as a basis for building the Temple... "

Guardian Unlimited, June 30 2001

"I am not looking for Hamas or for Islamic Jihad or any other parties, because we respect all these parties and there is a union between all of us."


Private speech entitled "The Impending Total Collapse of Israel", Stockholm, Sweden, January 30, 1996

"We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem....All the rich Jews who will get compensation will travel to America....We of the PLO will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years we will have six to seven million Arabs living in the West Bank and in Jerusalem....You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State....I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews."


PA Television, to a delegation of Arab leaders, January 26, 2002

"Yes, brothers, with our souls and blood we redeem you, O Palestine. This is the decision of the people of exceeding strength. This is a sacred bond. We are up to this duty. You know I am saying this because I know our people. I know what it means that in the midst of this economic crisis, yet none of them complained. However, they said: Allah is great! Glory to Allah and his prophet! Jihad, jihad, jihad, jihad, jihad!"

Egyptian Orbit TV, April 18, 1998

The Oslo accords are comparable to "when the Prophet Mohammed made the Hudaibiya (Khudaibiya) agreement...we must learn from his steps...We respect agreements the way that the Prophet Mohammed respected the agreements which he signed." Mohammed in fact breached the agreement, pillaging Mecca and killing many of its citizens with whom he had come to the "peace" agreement.


Al Ayyam, January, 1998

Regarding the Oslo agreement: "Since the decision of the Palestinian National Council at its 12th meeting in 1974, the PLO has adopted the political solution [later known as the Strategy of Stages - ed. note] of establishing a National Authority over any territory from which the occupation withdraws."

For more quotes from Yasser Arafat, click here.

Abdul Aziz Shaheen- PA Minister

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, January 4, 1998

"The Oslo accord was a preface for the Palestinian Authority, and the Palestinian Authority will be a preface for the Palestinian state, which in turn will be a preface for the liberation of the entire Palestinian land."

Nabil Sha'ath - Palestinian Cabinet Minister

Nablus, January 1996

"We decided to liberate our homeland step-by-step... Should Israel continue - no problem. And so, we honor the peace treaties and non-violence... if and when Israel says "enough"... in that case it is saying that we will return to violence. But this time it will be with 30,000 armed Palestinian soldiers and in a land with elements of freedom... If we reach a dead end we will go back to our war and struggle like we did forty years ago"

ANN television, October 7 2000

"No one believed him (Arafat) when he used to say it... [but] The choice is not at all between options of negotiation and fighting: you can have negotiations and fight at the same time...the Palestinian people fight with weapons, with jihad, with Intifada and suicide actions... and it is destined to always fight and negotiate at the same time."

('Moderate') Faisal Husseini - PA Minister of Jerusalem Affairs

Al-Safir (Lebanon), March 21 2001

"We may lose or win [tactically] but our eyes willcontinue to aspire to the strategic goal, namely, to Palestine from the river (i.e. Jordan) tothe sea (i.e. the Mediterranean). Whatever we get now cannot make us forget this supreme truth." - by the way, this man was described as a "moderate"

Le Nouvel Observateur, Aug.27-Sept.2, 1998, p.46

"We will forcefully open up our borders with Jordan and Egypt, which are currently controlled by the Israeli army. There will be violent confrontation and death, but this time on both sides. Are the Israelis more numerous and better equipped? Yes, but the superiority of us Palestinians lies in the fact that we are willing to lay down our lives, whereas for them every death is a tragedy that society cannot bear."

Syrian Television, September 9, 1996

"Palestine is from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea": , Hussein was asked what the boundaries of "Palestine" are. He replied that "all Palestinians agree that the just boundaries of Palestine are the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Realistically, whatever can be obtained now should be accepted and that subsequent events perhaps in the next fifteen or twenty years would present an opportunity to realize the just boundaries of Palestine."

Sheikh Ikrama Sabri - PA-appointed Mufti of Jerusalem

Palestinian Television, January 11, 2001

"No stone of the Western Wall has any connection to Hebrew history...

... The Jews call this the Wailing Wall for two reasons. The first, the overt [reason] is that they cry because they lost one of the Ten Commandments [tablets], and they lie and claim that the Commandment [tablet] was lost in the area around Al Aqsa. This is why religious Jews are apprehensive of entering the Temple Mount, because of the fear that they might step on a paving stone underneath which may be the lost commandment [tablet]. The second reason, that is not openly stated is that the Jews cry, repent, and remonstrate before Allah that He chose Mohammed from among the Arabs and did not choose a [prophet] from among the Children of Israel... In Mohammed's time the Jews thought that the final prophet would be a Jew, and they prepared themselves to receive him and they even threatened the Arabs and said to them that ‘When the new prophet comes, we'll see what we will do to you' and then the prophet turned up from among the Arabs and they (the Jews) became angry and bitter that he (Mohammed) is the prophet. What they are crying about is their protest ‘Why wasn't the prophet [chosen] from among the Children of Israel, as they had anticipated."

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 15 October 2000

"There is not a single stone in Palestine that proves the [historical] Jewish existence [in the land]."

Marwan Barghouti, Fatah secretary in the West Bank

Interview with Al Hayyat Al-Jadedah (official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper), printed in The Jerusalem Times, June 8 2001

"We still believe, however, that we are entitled to use all means available to us to face the enemy."

"The Intifada came to end occupation, not to allow for a return to negotiations."

"I believe that a return to negotiations would be nothing but a waste of time and that seeking the mediation of the US is useless."

"He who seeks peace with Sharon is pursuing a mirage. There is no chance for peace with Sharon. The only way to deal with Sharon is resistance."

Jerusalem Times, June 2001

"The intifada did not start because of Sharon's visit [but rather] because of the desire to put an end to occupation and because the Palestinians did not approve of the peace process in its previous form."


Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala), Palestinian parliament speaker, AP, June 11 2001

"We are not the Israelis' policemen to arrest our own people" - referring to the Israeli demand that the Palestinians arrest terrorists.

Abdel Jawad Saleh, PA's Minister of Agriculture, Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah on Nov. 6, 1997

"The Jews seek to conquer the world...We must expose the Zionist-Colonialist plot and its goals, which destroy not only our people but the entire world."


Imad Faluji, PA cabinet minister, Rally in Lebanon rally, March 3, 2001
The violence "had been planned since Chairman Arafat's return from Camp David..."


Palestinian Media

Source: Palestinian Media Watch

Al Ayyam, and a similar report in Al Quds, February 13 2000

"Medical sources reported yesterday evening that more than 40 residents were injured in a strange occurrence of hysteria and nervous collapse as a result of their inhaling poison gas, fired for the first time by the Israeli occupation forces on defenseless residents. Medical specialists are of the opinion that it is nerve gas, prohibited by international law.


Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper), October 28 2001

"Senior medical sources related yesterday that the occupation forces used a new kind of lethal bullets against innocent residents... The new bullets have sharp metal wings and they fly at great speeds..."

WAFA (official Palestinian News Agency), Qata, May 21 2001
Israel is "starting a new genocide against the Palestinian people by poisoning them, using poisoned candy bags dropped from airplanes."

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper), January 31 2001

"Authoritative medical sources revealed that there is an increase in the average number of deformed births in the Shafaa hospital in Gaza. They do not deny the possibility that this phenomenon is associated with depleted uranium."

Al Ayyam, October 10 2000

(Regarding destruction of Joseph's Tomb, destroyed by Palestinian mobs and police):

"Yesterday, the City of Nablus began the rehabilitation and renovation of the demolished parts of ‘Joseph's Tomb' ... It is important to note that heavy damage was caused to the tomb and to a large number of nearby structures during these disturbances, in the wake of the shootings by the occupation forces which are concentrated on Mounts Grizim and Eival, and because of their use of heavy machine guns."


Palestinian Television, December 23 2000

Dr. Suliman Alshrafaa, a Palestinian academic who hosted the religious television program, Customs of Ramadan, says:

"We often hear those false claims of the Jews that their Temple Solomon's Temple is located underneath the Al Aqsa mosque... There is a professor by the name of Menachem Klein from Bar Ilan University, located in occupied Palestine [Ramat Gan, adjacent to Tel Aviv - Ed note] whose specialty is Jerusalem and argues that the false arguments according to which the Temple is located underneath Al Aqsa are indeed deeply rooted Jewish claims, but in truth it is envisioned that the third Temple in its entirety will descend from heaven after the coming of the Messiah. This is the truth. Klein argues that this is stated explicitly in Rashi's commentary Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchak, the number one [Jewish] commentator on the Talmud on the Mishna in Sukkah, Chapter 40, side 1 [sic]. And so it is asserted by Rav Sa'adiah Ga'on, a native of Al Fahoum who headed the great Yeshiva in Iraq, commentator number two. Therefore, Rabbis maintained that it is totally incorrect that the Temple is underneath the Al Aqsa Mosque...".

Hafez Bargutti, editor-in-chief, Al Hayat-Al Jadida (Palestinian authority official daily newspaper), October 27, 2000

"...I was hurt by a letter from an injured [rioter] in one of the hospitals where he mentioned that a nurse said "anyone who throws rocks should go to hell!" And I was hurt by several fathers that forbid their older children to participate in the processions, while this is their right. But when anyone of these [fathers] say [to their sons] 'Don't go, and whoever dies is a carcass, well then this is one of the most severe transgressions. Furthermore we are hurt by some who think they are big but are in fact small, who exploit an opportunity to harm the warriors and to mock them. A passive civilian, a passive senior ranking individual, or a lazy official may disregard their duty, but it is forbidden for them to humiliate the warriors or to mock the wounded or to conjure up plots against the field-active generation commanding the Intifada. These destructive, abominable [individuals] harm us more than the bullets of the occupation, because they constitute a fifth column. Our nation must learn a lesson and take them to reckoning later on."

Dr. Lufti Abd al-Azim, Al-Ahram

"The first thing that we have to make clear is that no distinction must be made between the Jew and the Israeli....The Jew is a Jew, through the spurning all moral values, devouring the living and drinking his blood for the sake of a few coins. The Jew, the Merchant of Venice, does not differ from the killer of Deir Yasin or the killer of the camps. They are equal examples of human degradation. Let us therefore put aside such distinctions and talk about Jews."

Many more quotes will be added. Email us if you have any more "good" quotes that show the intention of the Palestinian leadership.


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