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National Anthem

Palestine national anthem

Palestinian national anthem

Israeli national anthem

Israel national anthem


Terrorist Groups

Popular Front for the Liberation of palestine


Islamic Jihad - Jihad Islami


Middle East Terrorism

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades


Islamic Jihad - Jihad Islami



Terrorism in the Middle East

United Nations Resolutions


United Nations Resolutions 194 and 242


Understanding Islam

What does the Koran say?

Yasser Arafat

And a Thief, Too - Yasser Arafat takes what he likes.

Arafat Making Fools of All of Us

Arafat in Stockholm

Commentary about Bias in the Media

Biased Media

Conrad Black - My friend Taki has gone too far


Andrea Levin

The Arabs in the Holy Land

Selected Articles

Without Israel, Judaism is Pointless - Barbara Amiel

Why is Israel Singled Out - Irwin Cotler

Feeding The Mouth That Bites


History News Network --

Arabian Fights: How the Saudis Lobby

World Hypocrisy

Irving Moskowitz did nothing wrong!

Israel the aggressor



Jews in Arab countries before and after 1948

Background of the Problem - Abridged Version

Background of the Problem - Full Version

Why does the left support the Palestinians?

The myth of the Palestinian People By Yehezkel Bin

No-Respect Politics - Charles Krauthammer - Analysis of political left and right

What the parents of homicide bombers say...

Peace or Piece-by-piece?

Would this situation have existed?

Lebanonization of the Palestinians

Talking peace

Teenage Suicide Bombers

The Death of a Myth

Too many funerals

Western Wall Tunnel

Will the Southern Wall collapse???

Would this situation have existed?

Information Pages

About the Middle East

Articles on the Middle East

Conflict in the Middle East

Crisis in the Middle East

Events in the Middle East

Fatah Constitution

History Middle East

History of Middle East

History of the Middle East


Israel and Arabs

Israel Defence Forces

Jews and Muslims

Middle East

Middle East Affairs

Middle East Conflicts

Middle East Countries

Middle East Crisis

Middle East Current Events

Middle East Facts Key Phrases

Middle East Facts Keywords

Middle East Information

Middle East Intelligence

Middle East Israel

Middle East Links

Middle East News

Middle East Peace Plan

Middle East Peace Process

Middle East Region

Middle East Road Map

Middle East Studies

Middle East Violence

Middle East War

Middle East Wars


Peace Middle East

Pictures of the Middle East

The Middle East Conflict

Women's Rights in the Middle East

Christians in the Palestinian Authority - Palestinian Christians - Christian Palestinians

Christians in the Palestinian Authority

Christians in the Palestinian Authority



Middle East Maps

Palestinian Authority maps of Israel where "Palestine" = Israel

New Page 1

Map of Middle East

Map of the Middle East

Middle East Maps

Maps of the Middle East

Maps of the Middle East


Pages on this site

Bomb attacks in Israel in 2002

Activism - What you can do to help the cause

Freedom and the Arab World

Background of the Problem

Basics of the Middle East Conflict

Biblical Connections to Today's Events in Israel

Bowling for Columbine review

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Hate site exchanges

Horrors of the Middle East

Jordanian/Palestinian Flag Similarities


Middle East Facts - Truth about Israel & "Palestine"

Jew Watch - What Jews should do.

Search for Truth in the Middle East

Judaica Store

Thank You!

Master of the Universe

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The PLO Phased Plan - 1974

Pictorial Sites and Videos

Prayers for Israel - Shema, Tehillim, Avinu Makeinu

Quotes from Palestinians Leaders and Media

Referral Form

Statistics you need to know

Statistics Speak for Themselves

The Facts

Israel was a Jewish state already in the year 1312 BCE

Truth and Lies

Truth Quotes


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Articles on Middle East Facts

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