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Statistics Speak for Themselves

Jerusalem Media & Communications Center, run by Ghassan Khatib (of the PA) as published in Ha'aretz, June 27) and the Canadian Jewish News (July 5, 2001)

Support for the intifada

79% of Palestinians support the intifadah

Almost 69% support homicide bombings against Israelis (26% in March 1999)

Goals of the intifada

45.6% said intifada is about ending "Israeli occupation" and establishing a Palestinian state based on UN Security Council Resolution 242.

41.2% said the goal of the intifada's goal was the "total liberation of Palestinian land" - meaning Israel's destruction.

9.2% consider the uprising aim to be a tactic for improving negotiation conditions


67.1% rejected ending the uprising in return for "ending Jewish settlement"

25.1% approved

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