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Maps of the Middle East

Things that make you go hmmm - maps of the Middle East.

The first problem: When Arabs describe Palestine, they talk about only what is now Israel. Historical Palestine included what is now Israel (17.8%), the West Bank, Gaza (5.3% together) and Jordan (76.9%). For more about the great Palestine lie, go to Wikipedia and Masada 2000.

The first two are maps of the entire Middle East. Israel makes up 0.15% of the entire Middle East land mass. Yes, if there was 200 units of land in the Middle East, Israel would have ONE of them. I believe that of all these countries, Israel only has warm peace with Turkey (as opposed to the cold peace with Egypt and Jordan).

 Middle East Map, Arab World Map, Mideast Map

[Click to image to enlarge]

Middle East Map, Arab World Map, Mideast Map

[Click to image to enlarge]

Not all of the Middle East is considered to be the Arab world. This map shows how Arab lands dwarf Israel.

Middle East Map, Arab World Map, Mideast Map

This is a map of Israel, as per the "Palestinian National Authority State Information Service".  Must be a shock to those who don't believe that the ultimate goal of the Palestinians is to capture what is today's Israel...  The PNA website above has since added the text "Historical Map of Palestine" - an image of their original site can be found here.  Interestingly enough, this map was only so for less than 2 years, since Lebanon declared independence in 1943, Syria declared independence in 1946 and Jordan declared independence in 1946.  Of course, Palestine was never a sovereign entity. Thus, one can hardly say this was a "historical map" - it is obviously what they'd like to see in the future.

Middle East Map, Arab World Map, Mideast Map

[Click to image to enlarge]

Millions of Palestinian refugees are still sitting in camps 50 years after they left their houses in Israel due to the invasion of the Arab countries, which promised the Palestinians would get their land back and more. In contrast, look at the number of Jews coming from the Arab world that were absorbed lovingly into Israel.

Middle East Map, Arab World Map, Mideast Map

A couple of other maps of the Middle East area, for reference.

Middle East Map, Arab World Map, Mideast Map

[Click to image to enlarge]

[Click to image to enlarge]



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