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Buy Israeli Products

Terrorism and armed conflict has hurt the Israeli economy. Between the dramatic drop in tourism and the contraction in the hi-tech industry, economic stagnation has become a huge problem in Israel and unemployment is growing. Anti-Israel forces have organized boycotts of Israeli firms and products to increase the problem. You can make an immediate, tangible statement of support by going out of your way to purchase Israeli products.

Directories and Portals

Here are some websites that have assembled directories or portals to make it easier to buy products and services from Israel. They have lists of companies or opportunities that may be different from the MEF list below on this page.

The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute provides a gateway to business and the economy in Israel. They will help you succeed in commercial ventures with Israeli companies and in the Israeli marketplace.

Israeli Products and Companies

One more idea - plant trees in Israel through the Jewish National Fund.


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