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Christian Organizations that Support Israel

It is delightful to discover that many Christian organizations in the United States and throughout the world are vigorously supportive of Israel. In the view of these Christians it is the Jews and the State of Israel who are best able to carry out God's plan for the Holy Land, preserve the Holy Sites for all religions, continue the story of the Bible, and prepare the way for the return of the Messiah. Christians admire the Jewish stewardship of the Torah, the Christian Old Testament, through the ages. While Jews and Christians may not agree on all points of theology, we are joined in common purpose for the preservation and strengthening of Israel.

Israel has recognized the support of Christian Zionists, and is taking steps to cement the bond, as discussed in this article from the Washington Post.

The Palestinian Arabs have made the case for Israel even stronger by desecrating Christian Holy Sites, preventing Christian pilgrimage, destroying Christian communities in the Middle East, and committing terrorist acts against Christian individuals and groups. See What has happened to Christians living in Israel and neighboring areas? for more information.

Christian Organizations -- US Based

Abrahamic Faith. An organization of ex-Muslim Christian friends of Israel Communities.

Bible Students is a group of non-proselytizing Christian friends of Israel. This web site contains many pro-Israel resources supporting study and understanding of the truth about Israel and the lies of Israel's enemies.

Bridges For Peace is a Jerusalem-based, multi-faceted, Christian organization dedicated to the building of sincere relationships between the Christian and Jewish communities, while encouraging greater concern for the land and people of Israel. It is our desire to see Christians and Jews working side by side for better understanding and a more secure Israel.

Catholic Friends of Israel are faithful Catholics who support the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, and who wish to draw more attention to the plight of long-suffering Catholics and other Christians in the Muslim world.

Christian Action for Israel has goals related to Middle East Facts: counter the increasing proliferation of destructive anti-semitism and anti-Israel misinformation, expose the prevailing Anti-Israel bias in mainstream media, expose and counter Holocaust denial and revisionism, and to support just Jewish causes.

The Christian Coalition of America is the largest and most active conservative grassroots political organization in America, offering people of faith the vehicle to be actively involved in shaping their government. It was founded by Pat Robertson who has been outspoken on behalf of Israel on his web site and on the 700 Club television program on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The mission of Christians for Israel is to serve the Church in America by helping others to understand God's heart and purposes for His Chosen People the Jews and gaining new appreciation of the Jewish roots of our faith and their significance to our Christian faith. Free newsletter and newspaper.

The Christian Friends of Israel with headquarters in Jerusalem and with offices in the United States and in many other countries, administers mercy and relief programs assisting Jews returning to Israel from the CIS, Ethiopia and other parts of the Diaspora. Their website and publications educate and inform Christians and Jews alike about current events regarding Israel as seen in the light of God's word, the Bible.

Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC). Israel based Christian organization working to support Israeli communities throughout Yesha through financial means as well as educating the Christian world concering Israel.

David Allen Lewis Ministries believes Israel is the key to understanding Bible prophecy, and Jerusalem is the heart of Israel and the Temple is the heart of Jerusalem.

Echad Ministry. "Echad" is the Hebrew word for "one". This "oneness" is often derived from a unity of parts. The goal of this ministry is to bring into oneness the body of Messiah, a body that is comprised of both Jew and Gentile that we may become the "One New Man" spoken of in Ephesians 2:15.

Exobus Project is a practical, prophetic ministry to Jewish people working mainly in the Ukraine, but also in Moldova, Belarus and Russia. Exobus helps Jewish people with transport from their home-towns to airports from where they fly to Israel. The Project currently has 16 bases scattered across the Former Soviet Union.

Focus on Jerusalem is a prophetic ministry that places a Biblical emphasis on the ongoing Middle East Peace Process. Focus on Jerusalem offers a monthly newsletter written by Darrell Young, of the Gethsemane Baptist Church in Danville, Kentucky.

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry was established in 1938 to help Jewish people escape the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust. Today they continue to stand against every form of anti-Semitism and support the rights of the Jewish people to live in their ancient homeland, Israel. Dr. Elwood McQuaid serves as editor-in-chief and as director of publications and media ministries for Friends of Israel.

The Galilee Experience is a Christian site with a declaration you can sign to support Israel and buy Israeli products. Also has Christian music made and produced in Israel.

Gratefully Grafted Ministries is a Gentile ministry of reconciliation; bridging the gap between Israel, the Messianic community and the Christian church worldwide. Our aim is to help in repairing the breach, destroying the enmity between Jew and Gentile; Israel and the Church.

Hal Lindsey Oracle Website of the prophecy expert and best selling author who some consider to be the founder of the Christian Zionist movement in America.

Intercessors for America. This group has a section on the Middle East that includes a printable prayer guide to pray for Israel called "31 Daily scripture prayers and proclamations to Bless Israel, America, and Youth", as well a section called Understanding Palestinian Terrorism that includes a PowerPoint presentation "Israel Under Attack". This site also has a section requesting people to email if they have a heart to pray for the Middle East.

Intercessors for Israel. Sister site of Intercessors for America, raising up of an Army of Prayer in and for Israel.

International Christian Embassy Jersualem. Website includes sections on fighting anti-semitism and the 4th International Congress on Biblical Zionism. This site has worldwide links to sister sites in their respective languages in countries such as Norway, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Also has a free bimonthly publication called "World Jerusalem".

Israel My Beloved. Website of the International Christian Zionist Center. Includes news, website links, Israeli products to purchase, a magazine, photo essays, pen pals, Forum, chat groups, tours, and much more. Great site!

John Hagee Ministries. Website of the prophecy expert and best selling author/Minister. Through John Hagee Ministries, Christians are joining forces with the Jewish people to rescue Jews from all around the world who wish to relocate to Israel. To date, John Hagee Ministries has donated in excess of $2 million sponsoring the transportation expenses for over 4,000 people.

The National Unity Coalition for Israel consists of over 200 Jewish and Christian organizations representing 40 million members dedicated to a secure Israel. Speakers bureau, news and analysis, action alerts, and activities.

OliveRoot Ministries is dedicated to providing Bible studies and resources to encourage a better understanding of God's plan for Israel, the Jewish People and the Christian heritage.

Prophecy Today. Jimmy DeYoung presently resides in Jerusalem, Israel. During speaking tours in the United States and Europe Jimmy brings with him the latest news and updates from the Middle East with a unique mix of political, biblical and prophetic insight that can't be found in the media today. offers Biblical text, views of the Western Wall, Israel news, and "God's instructions regarding Israel" written by a Christian fundamentalist.

The Shalom Jerusalem family of websites provides news and information that is very supportive of Israel. The evangelical Christian webmaster of this site also hosts the Yahoo Group called Truth About Jerusalem. website including numerous teachings on Hebraic Roots, Zionism, Israel, news and current events from Israel, and prophecy.

Stand for Israel. To foster better relations and understanding between Christians and Jews; encourage greater cooperation between both communities on issues of shared biblical concern; and help build support for Israel and Jews in crises or need. Goal of 100,000 Churches and One Million Christians Standing in Solidarity and Prayer with State of Israel. Exodus film project, 20 facts about Israel.

Trumpet Sounds. Israel prophetic analysis, articles, and poems. is a group of Christian Zionists residing in Israel and the United States who desire to help educate the Christian world about Israel and her Biblical place of importance in our lives and in today's world. Our goal is to provide timely and effective teaching material as well as commentary & analysis of current events in order to give Believers in the God of Israel a more clear and Biblical picture of Israel's position

Christian Organizations -- Brazil

The Brazilian organization Chamada as a collection of websites: The main site with emphasis on Bible Prophecy. Beth Shalom: Information about the Middle East conflict. Shalom Cards, virtual postcards with photos from Israel

Christian Organizations -- United Kingdom

Christian Friends of Israel UK. Firstly, we seek to bless Israel by means of practical and moral support. Secondly, we are engaged in educating the Church about God's love and purposes for Israel and about the Hebraic roots of our faith

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