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Horrors of the Middle East

Unfortunately, children have become involved heavily in this latest battle over Israel. Brainwashing is typical in Arab lands - none of the Arab countries are true democracies and have tightly controlled media. Read on to see how Arab children have been used as political pawns in this latest struggle.

There is so much bias and propaganda of the Arab press. Brainwashing is bad. There are many organizations that monitor Arab press - read here to find out about it.

Palestinian kids are bred, from birth, to hate Jews - yes, not Israelis, but Jews. Read the following (both from WorldNetDaily) to understand why the hate of the Jews, by the Palestinian children is so rampant:

Palestinian kids raised for war

Jerusalem cleric praises child 'sacrifices'

Talking Peace, Funding Terror - a piece by the Jerusalem Post, exposing the Arab double game - talking about peace, while spawning the worst kind of hatred.


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