14 Mar 2002, 01:56

good site. somebody needs to tell the truth.

Thank you.  Well, as you can see from comments on this page, not everybody wants to know the truth.  People like to make excuses for terror, war and killing.

12 Mar 2002, 14:58

if the death toll of the israelis keeps on rising ,ther will be no israel in the near future,

This is true!  It is also the reason why Jews around the world and in Israel are really scared about Israel.

base my statistics on the birth rates israel has,which is very low,on the other hand palastinians can afford the high death toll.

The birth rate and death rate statistics, respectively, can be found on the CIA website for Israel (19.12, 6.22/1000 population), Gaza (42.48. 4.21/1000 polulation) and the West Bank (35.83, 4.37/1000 population).  So yes, the birth rate for Israel is lower and the death rate is higher.

so 10 dead palastinians to one dead israeli, won't do them any harm, keep up the good work, and say israel u may rest in peace.

I'm not sure what your message is, but Israel does need help.  May G-d bless Israel!

11 Mar 2002, 09:05

To quote a respected personage form history: "Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them"

That is a great quote by a very wise person.  Too bad the people of this world aren't so wise.  Although I wasn't around before the second world war, I'm sure the Jews of the 1930s felt the way I did during the UN conference on racism (i.e."the festival of hate") in Durban, South Africa.

and thus I think people should take a look at a map before the war divided the land and see the extent of land which was Israel. 

It is tiny.  It is but a speck of land on a globe.  It is 0.15% of the Middle East land mass, based on CIA figures.

In fact, some of the so called 'countries' that exist today and claim soverignty were not even heard of before then, let alone thought of, due to the tribal atmosphere among ARabs which is still prevalant today, though to a lesser extent. 

That is true.  Jordan (1946), Iraq (1958) and Algeria (1962) declared independence soon before, or after Israel.

I guess people, especially Arabs, have convenient memories that only remeber what is 'profitable' to them - this includes their Holy book the Koran.

This is true.  The problem is that people are believing what the Arabs' selective memories are telling them.

11 Mar 2002, 08:54

The situation in Israel is indeed a travesty of history and truth. 

Yes, it sure is!

Although those responsible for this conflict are aware of the situation, not only are they silent but in addition have denied any involvement. There is proof of this and I, in my studies on Israel and the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church have discovered many things that point to the guilt of many people but that is another story. 

The Roman Catholic Church has been curiously silent during this conflict.  That's no surprise, since they didn't do anything to stop the Holocaust either.

As I have studied and lived in the gulf since I was 15 I am quite well aware of the double standards despite edicts to the contrary in the Koran so it comes as no surprise to me. 

Do you have examples?  We'd all love to learn!

Nonetheless, Israel has my my full support in her fight for self determination against oppression, which has gone on for centuries. 

Great!  If only people realized that this battle is again about Israel's right to exist.  It is Israel that is being oppressed by the Arabs and not vice-versa.

She is today but a shadow of her former self. But, as God promised, she remains to this day, undefeated!

This is true!  Perhaps the only country aside from Canada that has that distinction!

10 Mar 2002, 10:30

Great Site !!! 

Thank you!

Now...if we could just get Colin Powell (and others) to visit here and open his eyes to the truth about the "un"palestians (what does one call a group of people anyway...who hide behind children twisted media and lies?) !!! 

I'm not too sure, but there must be a good name to call them.  You see, Colin Powell doesn't care about the truth - he wants oil and you have to kiss Arab butts if you want oil.

Are we seeing prophesy unfold before our eyes? I think so!! G-d is in control !!

We most definitely are.  Well, we've been witnessing a prophesy since 1948!

And to those of you (readers out there) who think that G-d has abandoned Israel......READ ISAIAH 62 !! Oh yes..... and Yerushalayim is forever the Holy City of Israel!! Baruch HaShem !!!

Amen brother!

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