[email protected]
05 April, 2002, 05:40

This is truly a wonderful website! Keep up the good work.

Lilo, from http://www.standingwithisrael.org

Thanks Lilo!

05 April, 2002, 00:36

I find your completely one-sided point of view interesting. For a society of people who have known what it is like to have no home, and what it is like to be persecuted, to commit the acts that are being committed is puzzling. For those same people to act like victims is wrong. I am not saying that Palestinians are right, either, just that your arguement is self-destructive and illogical.

What about it is self-destructive and illogical.  We now have a homeland - do we not have the right to protect it and its inhabitants from danger?  Why don't you visit Israel to see what the society is really like before you make judgements about the people?

Tom Sullivan
04 April, 2002, 21:57

we should stop the violence and keep the peace. its all israles fult

Easy for you to say.  Your brother didn't get killed by a homicide bomber...you're the equivalent of an armchair quarterback.

scott, [email protected]
04 April, 2002, 21:18

It is good that amongst the millions of pro palistinian sites there are also pro Israeli sites. Even if you are a little biased. Just like in the british/american system of law it is nessercary to have both the proponant of the procecution and the proponant of the defense and both must argue their case strongly for the truth to emerge. Besides that I consider your site to be quite well designed. congradulations.

Thanks, although I don't think my site is biased at all.

04 April, 2002, 15:59

Original statement is:
"I see that author of this site learned much from Goebbels. i hope you'll finish like him and his "friends"."
You replied:
"Minutes earlier, this person wrote "You learned well from Hitler !!" He obviously doesn't know much about Hitler."
and you didnīt publish the original statement.

It was probably just an oversight.  

What does this mean?
1. you censor

Actually I don't, but considering this is my site, don't I have the right to do what I want?

2. you lie (Hitler is not Goebbels)
You definitely didnīt tell the truth in this case.

I don't even know what you're talking about.

Your webpage is one sided. It doesnīt tell the whole truth. It tells the truth about Palestinian cruelties. But it doesnīt tell the truth about Israeli cruelties. And there are lots of them. Just turn on TV.

What are the Israeli "cruelties" that you talk about?  Defending their people?

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