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Often we tend to believe that there is nothing that we can do to improve the situation in Israel, and we therefore do nothing - THAT IS A BAD ATTITUDE! As of 2002, I have included step I - previously, I only had steps II through VIII are included, as I am not a religious person. However, I have gradually become extremely skeptical of there being a peace settlement or a military means of solving this conflict, short of dropping bombs on every enemy country. If you want to get involved, here are some alternatives - step I could very well be the easiest and most productive!

I) The Israeli economy is not doing so well, so support it!  Here are some possiblities:

Shop in Israel (buy all kinds of Israeli products), Israel Visit - (among other things, order Pizza or Burgers for IDF soldiers and include a personal note!), Israel facts, USAIsrael, Judaica Web Store, Israeli Yellow Pages, Frank Meisler Sculpture

II) Build a website - the more websites out there, the more people know the truth!!

III) For the non-religious - become a better Jew!

     For the religious-minded:

1) Each Jewish man should accept on himself during the upcoming days of divine mercy and concern to be very careful regarding davening with a minyan, that all his tefillos, Shacharis, Mincha and Ma'ariv, be part of a "prayer of the multitude" that is always heard.

2) No one should skip over any part of Pesukei Dezimrah. One should arrive early enough at shul to recite all of the poetry and praises therein with emotion, care and heartfelt will, as is mentioned in the poskim.

3) All Jews should continue to pour forth special prayer each day through the recitation of Tehillim's chapters 83, 130 and 142. Righteous women too should undertake to say these chapters of Tehillim in their homes each day, and to set aside a coin for tzedaka for the poor of Eretz Yisroel.


IV) Join, an organization that is committed to fighting bias in Western media.

V) Visit Stand with Us, a grass roots organization encompassing all branches of Judaism, whose goal is to educate at all levels, balance the media, help expose militant Islamic groups and leadership, expose the Palestinian-Arabic apparatus of hate and violence, improve public relations for Israel, perfect our Christian-Jewish alliance, and promote key charities that directly affect these efforts. Make sure you sign up for their mailing list!

VI) Sign petitions, such as these or :

a) As reported in the Jerusalem Post, families of the kidnapped and missing Israeli soldiers in Lebanon are trying to get one million people around the world to sign an Internet petition to help free their sons.

They are quite far from their objective of 1 million (currently only about 350,000 have registered). Please send this to as many people as possible. It is the least we can do. The petition can be found at:

b) Simon Wiesenthal Center - regarding the lack of condemnation for Arab aggression against Israelis by the United Nations.

c) "A Petition for International Investigation Committee on Yasser Arafat and his co-conspirators for Crimes of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity" - self explanatory.

VII) You can always write to your government representative to express disgust over their parties stances on certain issues and you can write to Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan to express your feelings over UN's history of being anti-Israel (see "20 Truths"). 

What we're trying to say is that we can't expect the world to support Israel, but the more you do to combat anti-Israel rhetoric and propaganda, the better off Israel will be!

VIII) Support ideas, such as those brought forward by Barry Chamish - please read on:

1. A Law To Revoke - In November, 1993, the Rabin government passed a law retroactively legalizing meetings between Israelis and members of the PLO. Until then, such meetings were illegal treason. The law saved the likes of Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Ron Pundak, Yair Hirschfeld and Uri Savir from prison for illegally meeting the PLO.

Let's revoke it. From a jurisdictive point of view, we have all the high cards. Numerous legalists have explained that there is no precedent for a retroactive law protecting criminals from high crime. One can no more retroactively legalize treason than murder or rape. Many, many people have tried to have the Oslo Accord repealed because the PLO have broken its clauses thousands of times. But getting rid of an internationally sanctioned treaty is not simple. Rescinding the retroactive meeting law is, legalistically speaking, a snap. It is an unbelievably non-binding piece of legislation. A few good arguments to the Supreme Court could do the trick.

And imagine the fine results after: No one, not Sharon, not Peres could meet any PLO leader until a new law was passed. And we'll fight that one as well. And best of all, the Oslo criminals could finally be prosecuted.

So where are a gutsy attorney or two?

2. Get the CIA - Now that the Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer has acknowledged that the CIA trained the PLO death squads, with agreement from Shimon Peres; and now that a wide range of "experts" have acknowledged that the CIA trained numerous PLO "policemen" in the fine arts of advanced snipery and sundry deadly operations, let's get the CIA and hard.

Why says the American taxpayer would have agreed to foot the bill for the PLO's training in sophisticated murder techniques? Who says the CIA had any legal right to train these squads, which have murdered over 100 Jews and maimed five times that number, even with the permission of Peres?

Investigate George Tenet's direct role in the mass murder of Israeli citizens. Prosecute him if he overstepped ANY law.

And while you're at it, you may as well expose the further training of the PLO at Lackland Airforce Base in Texas. My sources assure me, the "policemen" are there right now taking courses in the slaughter of innocents.

American lawyers, where are you?



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