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Why Middle East Facts began

This website is dedicated to spreading the truth about Israel and the "Palestinians" (who incidentally didn't call themselves that and didn't have a national movement before 1967).  It will also help to dispel the myth that Israel is the "root cause of terrorism" (follow the link to determine what the root cause actually is!).  While many individuals have opinions on current Middle East events, most allow their current opinions to color their view of events, without having a good knowledge of facts on the ground.  For this reason, we formed Middle East Facts, to give you the best online resource for facts pertaining to the Middle East.

How to use Middle East Facts

To find your way around Middle East Facts, please use the menus at the top and bottom of your screens, or the search tool on the top right.  The menus and search tool will help you find the information you are seeking. When you have found what you are looking for, please sign or read our guestbook, join the MEF forum or leave some feedback for us. Also, be sure to check out our weblog.  To bookmark this page, click here.

Help Keep Middle East Facts Alive!

Do you think Middle East Facts is helping change distorted views of the Middle East?  If so, Middle East Facts would like to ask your assistance!  The easiest thing you can do is click on an advertisement to the right.  Of course, any small donation will help us pay for our costs, including web site hosting, software costs, research, content development and attracting more users to this site.  Also, if you ever purchase books from, please use this link, use the search box to your left or purchase any of the books on the left side, and part of the proceeds of your purchase will be paid to Middle East Facts!  Thank you very much for your generosity!  With your help we will able to reach more people, provide faster service and better content, and help Middle East Facts alive!

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Donations help us pay for our costs, including web site hosting, software costs, research, content development and attracting more users to this site. To donate to MEF, please contact us.

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